Scarborough Food Network (SFN) is made up of different community organizations, businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and residents, who are all working collaboratively to increase food security in Scarborough. Through the collective work of SFN members, we are addressing issues of food insecurity in Scarborough and seeking solutions to build a more sustainable and just future. SFN focuses on advancing a collective dialogue around building a resilient and sustainable food system, while celebrating the richness of community-based food initiatives.


With the breadth of expertise and knowledge of our members, Scarborough Food Network is well-positioned to recognize the various needs and assets of Scarborough neighbourhoods.
Our network focuses on:

  • Shares information in a coordinated manner between
    different organizations in the network.
  • Amplifies and promotes the work of organizations and individuals who are tackling issues of food insecurity.
  • Builds capacity and social capital through resource sharing.
  • Provides tools of empowerment that enable residents
    to have a voice.
  • Focuses on influencing policy change through
    collective advocacy.


All of Scarborough Food Network’s activities, programs, initiatives, and operations will strive to align with the following guiding principles:

  • An inclusive approach, acknowledging the diversity and changing needs of Scarborough, its people and communities.
  • Collective and collaborative work, while recognizing the strengths of different organizations in the network and the broader community.
  • Open and safe space for dialogue, engagement and action.
  • “By the community, for the community” where all work undertaken is well-informed by residents.

OUR Board

Amanda Wedge, PhD
ACSA Community Services

Alyssa Mosgopoulos
ACSA Community Services

Committee Chair
Claire Perttula
Malvern Family Resource Centre

Administrative Coordinator 
Chimu Titi
Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services