1. When was Scarborough Food Network (SFN) established?
Scarborough Food Network (SFN) was established in 2015 by community members and organizations who were concerned with the rising number of individuals experiencing food insecurity and visiting food banks in Scarborough.

2. What can be done to help increase food security in Scarborough?
We cannot end food insecurity with food alone, increasing people’s incomes is essential to contending with issues of food insecurity. However there are some initiatives in place that help alleviate some of the pressure for individuals who experience food insecurity, such as:

  • Food Banks
  • Community gardens
  • Free meal programs 
  • Cooking and nutrition workshops 
  • Gardening workshops
  • Waste reduction programs 
  • Information and resource sharing
  • Volunteer work

3. How can you personally help increase food security in Scarborough?

  • Donate to your local food bank, food pantry, or one of our partner organizations 
  • Sign up for volunteer work with your local food bank or with our partner organizations 
  • Join one of  Scarborough Food Network’s Work Groups (to learn more, please email SFN Coordinator, Amanda Wedge)
  • Promote the importance of combatting food insecurity through advocacy work and talking to others

4. Where can I find resources near me?

  • Check out ACSA’s Food Asset Map which includes information on food banks, free/low-cost meals, food delivery services, Chinese & Middle Eastern supermarkets, community gardens, greenhouses, farmers’ markets, and chain supermarkets. ACSA updates this map regularly to ensure the information is current.
  • Check out our different partner organizations websites to see which programs or resources are currently being offered.